McGraw shares Maggie's coronavirus-related relief efforts and performs his new song "I Called Mama" on The Ellen Show.

"It's crazy to see the dedication that the frontline workers have," McGraw says towards the beginning of his recent appearance on  Ellen DeGeneres' The Ellen Show, capturing the sentiment we all so deeply feel right now amidst the coronavirus pandemic. These turbulent times have given us all an opportunity to pause and feel immense gratitude for all who keep society moving as this invisible virus wreaks its havoc. More than ever, so many of us are looking for ways to pitch in by virtually volunteering for those in need or expressing our appreciation for nurses.

In McGraw's segment on The Ellen Show we got a glimpse into how one member of the McGraw-Hill household is doing her part to make a difference right now for healthcare workers' lives, as McGraw shares how his daughter Maggie is helping right now.

"Maggie is doing some for work for a nonprofit called Feed the Front Line, it's a national nonprofit. She's organizing the one here in Nashville and she's doing a great job. What they do is they get donations from people and they partner with restaurants. And it's a double win because the restaurants get to make money because they're getting paid for the food that they prepare for the frontline workers and then they get to deliver it to the frontline workers and show their appreciation, so it's a really great project," explains McGraw. "I'm really proud of her, she's doing some great stuff."

With that beaming pride for his daughter, McGraw, then launches into a moving performance for another great woman in his life—his mom—as he plays his new song "I Called Mama," written by  Lance Miller, Marv Green, and Jimmy Yeary. Watch the full interview and song below.

We're not sure if we're teary-eyed from the song, all the good work Feed the Front Line is doing to help the hospital workers who do so much, or the spring pollen, but we're definitely feeling inspired today. What small thing are you doing today to help brighten the days of others?