Or should we say Christmas Parade?


Got your breakfast casseroles for watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ready? Us too. This Thursday, New York City will welcome the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to town, and we're excited to tune in. In honor of the festive tradition, here are five pieces of trivia to share with others from the comfort of your couch...and away from those frigid Manhattan temps.

1. Speaking of that chilly weather, the winds may impact this year's parade.

As AccuWeather.com reports, the weather in NYC is forecast to be in the lower-to-mid 20s for the duration of the parade. "The wind may also be a factor for the balloons," AccuWeather Meteorologist Steve Travis said in the article, adding that some balloons might be grounded or flown at a lower height due to the wind. Wow! We're sending some warm weather thoughts up North.

2. It started as the Macy's Christmas Parade

Fun fact: The annual Macy's march actually started out as a Christmas Parade, complete with animals from the Central Park Zoo, professional entertainers, and Macy's employees, shares ILoveNY.com. Perhaps the folks at Macy's could kindly consider doing both and reviving that Christmas merriment? Just a thought.

3. It takes a lot of helium.

If you think all those balloons require a lot of helium, you'd be correct. "Macy's is the world's #2 consumer of helium (the first is the U.S. government)," notes Brandon Specktor for Reader's Digest. Interestingly in 1958 a huge helium shortage led to some out-of-the-box thnking. The remedy? "Fill the balloons with regular air, then hang them from giant construction cranes like big, puffy marionettes."

4. You can follow Macy's on Instagram for great behind-the-scenes intel.

Curious about who the float technicians are? The artists? The sculptors? A team works 52 weeks a year at the Macy's Parade Studio in Moonachie,New Jersey to make the magic come alive for the many who cherish the celebration. You can get an insider's glimpse of the studio on Macy's Instagram account here.

5. Disney's Mickey Mouse joined the action in 1934.

As a peek in the New York Times' archives from November 28th, 1934 reveals, "Santa Claus will come to town tomorrow. Accompanied by blaring bands, bulging likenesses of Mickey Mouse, Pluto the Pup and other childish idols, the celebrated saint will be escorted down Broadway from 110th Street to Herald Square, where Eddie Cantor will welcome him to a throne on the marquee over the executive entrance to R.H. Macy Co." We wonder what special costume Mickey will don this year, in honor of his 90th birthday.

Safe and smooth sailing to all the guys, gals, and balloons making their way down to the Big Apple for this year's parade.