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Lykmera 31.5" Snow Globe Christmas String
Credit: Amazon

Whether you've been hanging Christmas lights since March or are just starting to go shopping for some new holiday décor and plan your Christmas decorations for the year, we've found the perfect addition to your yuletide displays.

Behold: Lykmera's Snow Globe Christmas String Lights available on Amazon for $6.78 plus $4.99 for shipping. Does it get any more perfect than these festive LED lights complete with fake snow and mini Christmas trees inside each bulb? We think not.

We originally added these string lights to our radar thanks to an article from titled "Target's Holiday String Lights Have a Snow Globe Scene Inside Each Bulb." While the piece focuses on snagging these lights at Target for around $5, these string lights featured as part of Target's Dollar Spot deals don't currently appear to be for sale online. Happily, the sleuths at found that the same string lights were available on Amazon for a few dollars more. Considering we need as much holiday cheer as we can get during this difficult year, we say the extra $7 or so dollars these lights will set you back on Amazon is well worth it.

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For so many around the world, it's been an especially trying year in light of the coronavirus pandemic. We think we may very well surprise a holiday-obsessed loved one with some of these special string lights to deck their halls, too.

We'd love to hear from you: What are your holiday decorating plans for this year? Are you going big with over-the-top décor and multiple Christmas trees in your home or keeping things simple? When do holiday decorations first go up in your household?