"You're certainly a hero to me."
Luke Bryan in black cap and shirt
Credit: ABC / Contributor/Getty

Thursday morning a brave, hardworking nurse serving on the front lines in Memphis, Tennessee got a wonderful surprise from her favorite singer. Good Morning America anchor, TJ Holmes, has pivoted his series “Tell TJ,” from generally supporting and surprising deserving folks around the country, to using it as a platform to boost the morale of our front-line workers during the coronavirus pandemic. The morning show anchor has had to adapt his production process as well, where he would normally have travelled to surprise the worthy hero in person, Holmes is now harnessing the power of technology to video chat the honorees.

Today, his focus was on Cassidy Gubin RN BSN treating Covid-19 patients in the ICU at Baptist Memorial Hospital. Just before we see Holmes link up with Gubin over video chat, he shares a segment introducing us to this hometown hero. We see the dedicated nurse hard at work in her hospital, wearing protective gear from head to toe and she says, “I love what I do but sometimes it takes an emotional toll. Just because this patient is so young and it’s scary. Covid’s scary. But it’s worth it. As long as I’m helping people.”

Then we see Holmes interviewing Gubin and he asks her about what her typical day is like now. “You see things you think you would only think you would hear on TV. You never really imagine.” We then learn that on her first day caring for patients with the coronavirus, the machine that filters her air and helps to protect her from getting the virus as well malfunctioned. Her first instinct was to keep working. “But then I thought, well I’m not going to make a mistake and do that because if I get sick, I’m not going to be able to come back and help my patients,” she said and explained that she stepped out of the room to have the faulty equipment fixed. Gubin also admits that she is scared going into work but “I wouldn’t change my job for the world. I signed up to help people and that’s what I want to do,” she said with a smile.

Holmes, a West Memphis native, then asked her what she did to escape when she was away from the hospital. Gubin said to unwind she goes on long walks and listens to music. Holmes then asked her what she listens to and Gubin declared that Luke Bryan is her favorite, and that “Rain is a Good Thing,” is her favorite song. We then hear the opening three words of that song sung by the man himself as Luke Bryan pops up on the video chat, and Gubin’s eyes pop wide and she squeals in disbelief.

“Thank you for everything you’re doing out there on the front line. You’re inspiring people like us,” Bryan said, adding “you’re certainly a hero to me.” Watch the exchange below:

Gubin then thanked Bryan in return as she said his music is all she listens to, and it makes her smile. Thank you, Cassidy Gubin, and all of the doctors, nurses and hospital staffs who are boldly fighting this virus for all of us.