Also, Bryan dishes on "the Southern way of being brought up and always putting others first."
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In a recent episode of Sadie Robertson Huff's Whoa That's Good podcast, the former Duck Dynasty star catches up with country crooner and Georgia native, Luke Bryan. Robertson Huff kicks things off by asking the podcast's signature question: "What is one of the best pieces of advice that you've ever been given?"

"A piece of advice that has always stuck with me is my dad when I was a little boy he always said 'do it right the first time and you will have not to go back and do it over again,'" Bryan begins. "Have I completely lived by that? You know, not always. Sometimes as you're navigating life and going through life you don't necessarily get a 10 out of 10 but it's something that always stuck with me that my dad said. That's been a major one."

Adding on to that valuable lesson, and much to our delight, Bryan also notes the importance of proper etiquette. "Just manners, being a gentleman, politeness. You know the deal. Kind of the Southern way of being brought up and always putting others first," he says. "But definitely my dad's advice was really, really big for me," he emphasizes, before they switch gears to discussing Bryan's new album, Born Here Live Here Die Here, his relationship with wife Caroline Boyer, the bright spot of spending more time at home amidst the pandemic, and more.

At one point, Bryan concedes, "I want [my kids] to be able to see that me and Caroline are very much in love, have fun with each other. I want them to know that mom and dad enjoy each other and have fun." Based on the hilarious pranks we see the duo share on Instagram that they pull off on each other, we'd say they're doing a pretty excellent job. "We're not those parents that if we have a big argument we don't go hide and have the argument, we lay it all out there right in front of them," Bryan continues. "They gotta learn, they gotta watch mom and dad go through life and deal with life's little challenges." Watch the full podcast below.

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What an inspiring note to keep in mind as we navigate the month of September—a time of new beginnings. What words of encouragement are you keeping in mind this month?