"This is a serious recipe," Bryan joked. "Wars have been fought over this."

By Meghan Overdeep
December 13, 2018
Image Group LA/Getty Images

Luke Bryan doesn't just make hits in the studio—the country crooner whips up winners in the kitchen too.

In an appearance on a recent episode of Pickler & Ben, ABC's talk show featuring singer Kellie Pickler and journalist Ben Aaron, Bryan was gracious enough to share his dad's famous chicken and rice soup recipe. The singer revealed he had to call his pop to get permission before sharing it on TV, so you know it's the real deal.

"This is a serious recipe," Bryan joked. "Wars have been fought over this."

The first step is boiling a whole chicken for about an hour, before picking it apart with a fork. Gloves are a necessity for this part, Bryan warned. "So you don't burn your fingers, and they won't smell like chicken for two days," he explained.

And there's another thing. "Do not go the cheap route and buy chicken breast," the chart-topper noted. "Own it. Boil your chicken."

WATCH: Sriracha Chicken Noodle Soup

Once you're done picking the chicken, get all the meat off and then "throw you a little skin in there for flavor." Then mash the bones and "get all that goodness out in the bottom of the pan" and then dump that in the broth too," Bryan continued. "That's critical."

Next add chopped carrots, onions, celery, 3/4 cup of rice and the two secret ingredients: lemon juice and two eggs whipped together. Bryan also includes bouillon, pepper and salt, as well as a dash of Sriracha sauce for a kick, even though he said his father would consider that blasphemous.

Watch Bryan's hilarious demo in the video above, and don't forget those gloves!