Buckle up, y’all!
Luke and Caroline Bryan
Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It's beginning to look a lot like "Pranksmas" in the Bryan household!

Luke Bryan kicked off his family's long-standing Christmas tradition of pranking each other with a trick he played on his wife Caroline back in November.

You might recall the Bryans' social media antics involving former Florida football star Tim Tebow's Heisman when they were given temporary custody of the trophy last month. Well apparently, the shenanigans began before it was even delivered.

Tebow donated six months with his Heisman at a charity auction last year, where it was snatched up by Caroline. Unbeknownst to her, Luke and Tebow conspired to prank her when he delivered the treasured award to their home last month.

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In a video Caroline shared to Instagram Saturday, a smiling Tebow explains how he and Luke decided to pull a fast one on the prank-loving mama.

"Right over here is a fake Heisman that's been smashed and in pieces and has been out in the rain," Tebow says, showing off the real Heisman in his hands, while standing outside the Bryans' house. "Caroline is freaking out right now."

Meanwhile, Luke is inside working on his wife. "Tim Tebow just texted me and said he's in town," he tells her. "He said the Heisman was shipped here and he wants to come see the damn thing. Have you seen it?"

"I don't want to be responsible for that," protests a very flustered Caroline. "I'm going to throw up. This is exactly why I did not want it around here."

Someone then enters the kitchen carrying the beat-up box.

"This is not the real Heisman," a terrified Caroline cries, inspecting the shattered counterfeit trophy.

Then Tebow walks in carrying the real thing.

"That's the real Heisman!" cheers Luke, while the room breaks out in laughter.

"I think my blood pressure went to an all-time high!!" Caroline wrote on Instagram.

Ours too, girl! We can't wait to see how you enact revenge.