The couple met at a college bar at Georgia Southern University.
Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer Bryan
Credit: John Shearer/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM

It's no surprise that during the coronavirus quarantine, the 'round the clock togetherness is bringing on strife for many couples. But for country superstar Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline Boyer Bryan, it's had the opposite effect.

In a recent interview, Bryan chatted with Good Morning America via video chat from his Wyoming quarantine quarters to talk about ABC's "CMA Best of Fest" and hear more about what's been going on in the Bryan household.

Kicking things off on a humorous note, Bryan says, "I'm like a James Beard chef now, I think." Considering Bryan had been doing the cooking for his children and a few more teens who were hunkering down with the Bryan fam for about two months, resulting in a "football team" of mouths to feed, we're sure his culinary chops were indeed put to the test.

Towards the end of the interview, the GMA anchors play a game called "Song on the Spot" with Bryan, and ask him if he had to write a song on command about the whole quarantine experience, what would its title be and what would it be about?

"My wife and I...we've been together for quite a while. We're pretty proud," says Bryan. "I'm trying to figure out a way to write, because there are some divorces going on around out there, these quarantine divorces, but my wife and I, we're like better than ever. I guess [I'd call the song] 'Ain't Divorced Yet,'" he jokes, before crooning a would-be lick from the song. Watch the full interview below or fast forward to the 3:25 mark to tune in to this portion of the interview about Bryan and his wife.

WATCH: Luke Bryan and His Wife Caroline Boyer Met at This Georgia College Bar

Of course, we wish we were never living in this reality in the first place, but we can't say we're surprised the Bryan posse is making the most of difficult times. And for the rest of us, when the going gets tough with our S.O., perhaps it's best to take a deep breath and hum "ain't divorced yet."