Dreams come true y'all!

By Meghan Overdeep
July 24, 2019
Lua Smart Planter Smile
Credit: Mu Design

Say goodbye to wondering if your plant is getting enough sunlight, too much sunlight, enough water, too little water, feeling fulfilled, etc.

Mu Design has come up with the perfect tool for anxious plant parents and anybody with a black thumb. Currently over 250% funded on Indiegogo, Lua, the "smart planter with feelings," uses an app and an LED screen to tell you just how your plant is feeling at any given moment, essentially turning your favorite plant into a household pet.

Seriously, take our money.

After downloading the free app, simply scan a QR code, enter the type of plant you own, and prepare yourself to start learning exactly what your leafy friend needs via 15 animated facial expressions.

Lua Smart Planter with App
Credit: Mu Design

Thanks to Lua's animated face, you can receive entertaining reports on your plant's health and overall-being, in addition to flashes of personality. When your plant is thirsty, for example, the LED screen will display an open-mouth face with a wagging tongue, while too little sunlight will trigger a vampire face. It can also let you know when it's experiencing movement and temperature fluctuations.

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The Lua has 10 days left on its Indiegogo campaign where you can preorder one for $111. Mu Design hopes to begin shipping their planters by December 2019.