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You Won’t Believe What This 92-Year-Old Woman Accomplished at her Swim Meet
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Don't mess with Stasia Kowalski. This 92-year-old may rely on a cane to help her walk, but she's a menace in the swimming pool. Last Saturday, the Louisville resident competed in her first swim meet. Correction: Last Saturday, the Louisville resident crushed it at her first swim meet. Amazingly (due to a fear of the water), she didn't even pick up the sport until she was nearly 40.

The meet, the 41st Annual Lakeside Masters Long Course Invitational, was held at the Lakeside Swim Club in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville. Doling out inspiring advice to readers of the Courier-Journal in a profile of her accomplishments this week, Kowalski said: "Just because you're in your 90s doesn't mean life is over. There's always something exciting to do, if you want to."

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Excite she did: The 92-year-old broke the record for the 100-meter and 50-meter backstroke for her age bracket of 90-94. The previous record for the 100-meter backstroke was 4:19.03, set in 2002. Kowalski bested that by over 10 seconds—no small feat for a race of around four minutes—clocking in at 4:08.80. Meanwhile, for the 50-meter race, she set a new record at 1:45.57, beating the previous record of 1:54.35, which was set in 2003. Watch Kowalksi in action here.

So, Stasia, when can we hire you as our swim coach?