Loretta Lynn Concert March 2017
Credit: Stephen J. Cohen/Getty Images

Loretta Lynn suffered a serious stroke a few months back, but as she works to recover she is thinking about her fans. The country icon sent her fans an audio recording that was played during her daughter Patsy Lynn Russell's Fourth of July Weekend concert at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, according to country music site, The Boot.

In the message, which was turned into a YouTube video by a fan and then shared on the Loretta Lynn Ranch Facebook page, Lynn wished her fans a happy holiday and thanked them for their prayers. "This is Loretta Lynn, and Happy Fourth of July!" Lynn says in her recorded greeting. "Come back again next year, and you all have a good time this year. And thank you all for all the prayers, and I love you."

When they shared Lynn's heartwarming message, the ranch also made sure to update worried fans about Lynn's condition: "Ms. Loretta is making improvements and getting stronger every day, and she knows her fans are praying for her. She can't wait to come back and sing for you all. Thank you so much for your support …"

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The 85-year old artist suffered a stroke on May 4 at her home in Hurricane Mills. She was admitted to a Nashville hospital and then a rehab facility, and doctors expect her to make a full recovery. Despite her health woes, Lynn doesn't want to disappoint her fans and she has not sidelined plans to release a new studio album, Wouldn't It Be Great, on August 18. The album comes after nearly a decade of work with co-producers John Carter Cash and Lynn's daughter.

While the country music pioneer continues to mend, fans can visit her ranch and, of course, listen to her music on repeat.