“I always thought my boys looked so handsome in their uniforms.”

Country music legend Loretta Lynn marked Veteran’s Day by honoring her “three favorite veterans.”

Lynn, 88, took to Instagram yesterday with uniformed photos of her husband Doo and her two sons, Jack and Ernie, from their time in the military.

“Y'all look how young Doolittle is here!” she wrote alongside the series of vintage photos which begin with a snap of a then 17-year-old Doolittle.

Loretta Lynn
Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

“I always thought my boys looked so handsome in their uniforms,” the songstress continued. “I was so proud of them for serving. I've always loved our Veterans.”

Lynn’s husband and manager Oliver Vanetta Lynn, Jr., commonly known as Doolittle or Doo for short, served in the army during WWII. They were married for 48 tumultuous years and share six children. Doo died in 1996 at the age of 69.

Doo was followed into service by the couple’s oldest son, Jack who served in the army in Korea. He died tragically at age 34 in 1984, while trying to ford the Duck River at the family's Tennessee ranch. Lynn’s only surviving son, Ernie, now 66, is a Marine Corps veteran.

“Thanks to all you men and women out there who have served our nation,” she concluded the post. “We are grateful!”