Patsy Lynn shares some good news regarding Lynn's condition after her fall.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
January 10, 2018
Scott Dudelson—Getty Images

Undeniably, Loretta Lynn has had a tough run as of late, between suffering a stroke in May 2017 and breaking her hip on New Year's Day.

Happily, we're finding some encouraging words about the singer's condition in a new interview with Lynn's daughter, Patsy Lynn with PEOPLE. "She's in great spirits — she's just aggravated because she was recovering so well and getting around. Now this is a setback," Patsy said. "She said she's just mad about being back to laying up watching TV! Hopefully, she will recover quickly. She's strong — it's amazing she's able to go through all she's been through. She had a stroke in May and has been having band rehearsals and getting around great by herself; she's recording, she's finishing up another album. That's what she's been focusing on. She's nonstop but she's always been that way — it's what keeps her going."

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Earlier this week, Lynn's sister, Crystal Gale shared an update to her Facebook page regarding Lynn's fall and asking for "love, prayers, and continued support" from their fans. Today, she updated her page to express her gratitude and ask we also keep Lynn's children in our hearts during this difficult time.

We're looking forward to that new album, Blue Kentucky Girl, and are sending you and your family healing thoughts and positive energy.