He even got a stuffed animal out of it.

Feeling lonely might not seem like an emergency worthy of dialing 911 for everyone, but for one six-year-old Tallahassee boy who found himself in need of a friend this week, it was.

On their Facebook page Tuesday, the Tallahassee Police Department posted that they received a 911 call from a child saying he was lonely and wanted a friend.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, the little boy said his mom was "mean" and made him cry. (We're guessing mom may just have been too busy to play.) The dispatcher reportedly asked him several questions including the whereabouts of his parents, who were unaware their son called 911. Officer Joe White was dispatched to provide a bit of companionship. In the end the boy got his wish and learned and valuable life lesson in the process.

"Officer White explained how 911 worked and was for emergencies. More importantly, Officer White said he'd be happy to be a friend," the police department wrote on Facebook alongside two photos of White and a smiling boy. "Our new friend got to sit in the police vehicle, was given a stuffed animal and now has a friend at the Tallahassee Police Department!"

Hopefully Officer White gave him his cellphone number!