Sing for your life!
Seniors Singing Together
Credit: Squaredpixels/Getty Images

We all know that linking up with others for a shared activity has the power to make us feel better. But for older adults, doing so may have even more of a more tangible impact on quality of life.

To that point, a recent study from University of California, San Francisco, called "Community of Voices" found that singing in a choir can have a powerful positive influence on senior citizens' lives. "We discovered that older adults singing in a choir for six months had a reduction in their feelings of loneliness and also an increase in their interest in life," said neuroscientist Julene Johnson of the University of California, San Francisco to CNN.

The study — which was in partnership with the nonprofit San Francisco Community Music Center and the city's Department of Aging and Adult Services — looked at 400 older adults to reach their conclusions. See the full story on CNN here.

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Even better? The experience of singing in a choir was such a positive one that the study participants kept singing in their choirs after the researchers concluded their work.

If you or an elderly loved one doesn't possess the voice of an angel, consider other group activities like a painting class, yoga, or book club. It may feel a little awkward or be difficult at first to join a group or try something new, but that will fade quickly — and the fun will kick into high gear.