What a showing of brotherly love

By Meghan Overdeep
July 06, 2017
What a showing of brotherly love.
| Credit: Logan Ryan

After inking a $30 million deal with the Tennessee Titans, NFL defensive back Logan Ryan decided to make his first big splurge something very meaningful to an important member of his family.

Last week Ryan surprised his brother Jordan by paying off his student loans for his 29th birthday. When he handed his him a check for $82,000, Logan said he saw tears come to his big brother's eyes. "It was a complete surprise," Logan told TitansOnline. "To see that reaction—I'd never really seen him cry before. To see the amount of stress student loans can put on people, good people who work hard. … To be able to free him up, it was an awesome moment. It's something I'd been wanting to do for a long time."

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Jordan graduated from a five-year engineering program at Drexel University. Now an engineer, he'd been paying back his loans in $1,000 monthly increments since he got out of school. Titans Online reports that he still had 10 years to go when Logan surprised him with a check made out to American Education Services, which knocked out the remainder of the loan.

"Surprised my big bro and paid off his student loans for his 29th Bday!!" Logan captioned a photo of himself and his brother holding an oversize copy of the check on social media. "My man got accepted to college, graduated with honors, and now works as an engineer. He did everything the right way and still lives with a ridiculous amount of student loan debt. The system is broke and makes no sense!! I'm fortunate and blessed to be able to take care of that for him.. Love you big bro you deserve it!!"

Logan said he feels happy to be able to repay his big brother for his years of emotional support. "My brother, he's texted me after every game, and he's been on my side since I was little," he told Titans Online. "He helped me put on my shoulder pads when I was little. And he's never asked me for a dime. He's never asked for money. He went to work every day, paid his loan and bills like everybody else and never once asked me for a penny. To be able to do that, it was the best feeling in the world."

How sweet is that?