Tampa Bay's Logan Ryan Calls Press Conference to Help One Pup Find Her Forever Home

Helping pets in need get adopted is a passion project for both the football star and his wife.

Logan Ryan Tampa Bay Bucs
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers' safety Logan Ryan has gone to the dogs. The football star is working with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and his own animal welfare organization to find a home for an adorable five-year old terrier mix named Cora.

Cora has been at the Humane Society for nearly three months, the Tampa Bay Times reports, so Ryan decided to step in and call a press conference in the hopes of finding the very good dog a forever home. To sweeten the deal, in addition to getting to bring Cora home with them, her new owners will receive a $60 gift card to the Humane Society's retail store, as well as four weeks of free virtual training with GoodPup if Cora is adopted before Friday.

Ryan believes training pups is the secret to responsible pet ownership. "A lot of reasons why people may return their dogs or their dogs don't work in their household (are) because they don't train their dogs to be in their household," Ryan said at the press conference.

By partnering with GoodPup, dogs can learn the rules of a household and ideally avoid any possibility of being returned to a shelter. "We teach our kids a lot (about) how to work in the household, but we can't give our kids back," Ryan said. "I don't believe you should give your animals back, either."

Ryan is a long-time animal lover who uses his sports fame to help pups in need. Inspired by his wife, Ashley, who was volunteering at a shelter, he started "Ryan's Monthly Rescue," where he shared photos of adoptable dogs on his social media pages. He then created Ryan Animal Rescue Foundation, which partners with animal welfare organizations to promote adoption and provides financial and educational opportunities to help animals in need. This week, that animal in need is Cora, who is undoubtedly a very good girl.

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