"Keep Louisiana and Mississippi in your prayers, grab a chainsaw and help your neighbors in need," writes Erin Napier on Instagram

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
December 17, 2019
Tornado, Floydada, Texas
Credit: Getty Images / john finney photography

Yesterday, many tornadoes pummeled through the South, spanning areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Sadly, the tornadoes have killed at least three people and destroyed countless homes and businesses. Extensive power outages were also reported across all three states.

The severe weather unfortunately pummeled down directly on Laurel, Mississippi's historic district, a place near and dear to many locals, as well as the countless fans who follow Ben and Erin Napier's HGTV show, Home Town. Yesterday evening, Erin Napier took to Instagram to share some photos of the devastation and some updates regarding the tornadoes' impact. "Our beautiful historic district you love from #hgtvhometown was hit by a tornado tonight," she began the post. We’ve lost so many of our century old oak trees but that’s all I can see in the dark with headlights. I’ve not heard word on how the folks in the path are. Keep Louisiana and Mississippi in your prayers, grab a chainsaw and help your neighbors in need. Our families are all good, but lots of folks will need our help in the days to come."

In her Instagram Stories, Napier also shared a snapshot of her family's living room, which had shards of glass on the floor from the storm's impact. "Our living room is bad, but it could've been worse," she wrote.

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If you'd like to help Laurel, you can make a donation to nonprofit The Glory House, an organization that has long helped the Laurel community, or by purchasing Ben and Erin's new Hometown Strong print.

We're sending our thoughts to one of America's favorite adopted hometowns. To our friends and readers in Laurel, and other regions in the South impacted by the tornadoes, please stay safe, everyone.