You've got to see the pictures.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
October 18, 2019

Students at Strom Thurmond High School in Johnston, South Carolina recently proved that camaraderie, not competition, is the name of the game at homecoming.

As WRDW-12 based in Augusta, Georgia recently reported, Nataleigh Deal is a senior at Storm Thurmond with Down syndrome, who also has epilepsy. On the night of homecoming earlier this month, she was feeling under the weather and had a seizure. Feeling recovered enough for the halftime ceremony—where she was up for homecoming queen—but still wary, Nataleigh opted to forego wearing her high heels and go onto the field barefoot.

Amazingly, all of the other girls up for the title left their heels behind too and marched onto the field in solidarity with Nataleigh. "When we got out there, they all lined up before Nataleigh came out to line up with them," Carleigh, Nataleigh's sister, told WRDW-12. "When I came out there, literally not a single one of them had their shoes on. Not even the homecoming elect from the year before who was crowning." Check out some photos from a high school staff member below.

Spoiler alert: Nataleigh was crowned high school homecoming queen. Nataleigh, was also moved by her classmates' gesture. "I am proud of myself for being queen of Strom Thurmond High," she told the news outlet. "I love my friends more than anything. They're proud of me. Go Rebels."

You can watch more from the touching WRDW-12 news segment below. Spoiler alert: Nataleigh was crowned high school homecoming queen.

What a sweet and thoughtful gesture from all the ladies up for homecoming queen at Strom Thurmond High School. Go Rebels, indeed.