Watch Police Officers Use Dogs Toys to Coax Coyote from South Carolina Kitchen

The confused canine apparently got in through the doggie door.

A senior South Carolina couple has started locking their doggie door at night after the wrong kind of canine made its way into the kitchen of their Spartanburg home earlier this month.

Sandie Ferguson told WSPA that she didn't even realize they had a visitor until one of their dogs began barking "like there was a mouse or something."

"When I first saw him, I thought 'It's a coyote. Then I thought, 'No, it has to be a dog.' But he didn't move, he didn't bark, he didn't growl or whimper," Ferguson said. "He didn't move. I think he was so afraid, he stayed just like a statue for like an hour and ten minutes."

Coyote Roaming A Suburb Street
Zachary Byer/Getty Images

It was, in fact, a coyote. The not-so-wily animal stood motionless in the corner of the kitchen until police arrived.

This week, body cam footage from the police officers who responded to Ferguson's call was shared to the Spartanburg Police Department Facebook page.

"This is just some of the challenges the men and women of the Spartanburg Police Department face daily," the police department wrote alongside the 11-minute video (below).

After talking with Ferguson and her husband, the two police officers make their way into the kitchen to see the coyote for themselves. One of them opens a back door, hoping it will make a run for it, but it remains still.

"Tell you what, I got an idea," the other officer says.

He asks Ferguson if they could borrow some dog toys to throw and hopefully flush the coyote out. Finally, after tossing a few toys at the corner, the coyote bolts out the door.

"You never expect a wild animal to come in the house. I never expected a coyote to be in my yard," Ferguson told WSPA. "Never in my wildest dreams would I think he'd come in the house."


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