Fortune hunters, read on.

Searching for treasure? You may want to set your sights on Wabasso Beach, Florida in Indian River County.

This week, we were amazed to learn of some exciting developments in the fascinating world of treasure hunting about 20 minutes North of Vero Beach on Florida's eastern coast. Admittedly, Jonah Martinez, who has been a beach-side fortune quester for 24 years has more practice than most of us, but his bounty is still pretty impressive:  22 silver coins that are nearly 300-years-old  from the 1715 Treasure Fleet shipwreck, which was a group of 11 Spanish ships coming back from a Cuban trading voyage.

As West Palm Beach's WPTV originally reported, Martinez and his friends set out with metal detectors on Wabasso Beach last Friday night feeling positive. "We had a good feeling that we were gonna go out there and find some stuff," Martinez said to the TV station. "It's very special when you find something like that. It's very unique and it's very romantic," Martinez added of their plunder, noting that he believes the haul to be worth somewhere between $5,000 and $6,000 (he has no plans to sell the coins, though). You can watch the full video documenting their discoveries here.

Over the two-plus decades he's been doing this, Marinez claims to have found roughly $13 million of treasure, which he distributes with his fellow treasure seekers and offers as donations to museums. They certainly aren't kidding when they call this slice of Florida, "Treasure Coast."

Fascinated in learning more about shipwrecks? This past June a spooky 86-Year-Old shipwreck was revealed on Hatteras Island and in 2018 Hurricane Michael unearthed shipwrecks from 1899 on Florida barrier island, Dog Island.

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With fascinating history to learn and the thrill of discovering beautiful and valuable prizes, we may very well have to beg Uncle Bob to let us take his metal detector for a spin on the beach this weekend and add "amateur treasure hunter" to our resume.