Rowdy is one handsome pup!
Service Dog Yearbook Photo Rowdy
Credit: Twitter/Jillian Engel

Don't let his four paws, furry body, and high-stress day job fool you: Rowdy is just another student at M.J. Kaufman Elementary School in Lake Charles, Louisiana. So, like the rest of the pupils, you better believe he wanted to look his best for picture day.

Rowdy, a diabetic alert dog for his human Daegan Welch, recently went viral for showing up to school wearing a bow tie for his very own yearbook photo.

School photographer Jill Engel shared two behind-the-scenes snaps from the handsome lab's photo session on Twitter. Not surprisingly, her post has since raked in a whopping 311,000 retweets and more than one million likes.

"I'm a school photographer and we got to take a service dog's picture for the yearbook today" Engel wrote alongside impossibly adorable pics of the smiling pip.

According to local new station KPLC, Rowdy is the only service dog in Calcasieu Parish Public Schools. He has been by Daegan's side for four years and included in the yearbook three times.

Daegan's mom Monique Chaffin runs social media accounts for people to learn more about Type 1 Diabetes, service animals, and to share pictures of Daegan and Rowdy.

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"I said, 'if they think the bow tie is cute, they should see some of his other costumes and stuff," Chaffin said to KPLC. "He dressed up as a mermaid over the summer vacation. We like to get dressed up."

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