Georgia High School Senior SaVion Smith Receives 32 College Acceptance Letters

Plus, the Hapeville Charter Career Academy student received $500,000 in scholarship offers!

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It's a difficult time for high school seniors right now with the coronavirus pandemic continuing to upend society. Instead of walking the stage on graduation day they get graduation speeches via podcast from iHeartRadio. Instead of shared meals with loved ones, perhaps they'll get a Krispy Kreme "Graduate Dozen" doughnuts delivery. Instead of final hugs with teachers and classmates, they get Zoom video conferences.

But despite all these indirect impacts of the coronavirus crisis stealing these important rites of passage from students across the globe, good news about inspiring students still persists. Right now, we're amazed by this story of SaVion Smith, a Hapeville Charter Career Academy senior in College Park, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, who has received 32 college acceptance letters and $500,000 in scholarship offers. Yes, you read that right, $500,000 in scholarships.

"It means that my work has paid off. My hard work has paid off," Smith told Atlanta television network 11Alive, of his accomplishments. The talented student plans to attend Alabama A&M University and hopes to major in technology and criminal justice, along with a minor in Spanish.

Though the coronavirus situation is certainly overwhelmingly tough, Smith believes in a hopeful future and that he'll one day tell his children about living through the pandemic. "When they're reading that Social Studies book and it says 'COVID-19'. I'm like, 'Oh, yeah, I know about COVID-19. We lived through that in 2020. Cancel this, cancel that. Put a hold to this, put a hold to that," Smith told the news outlet of how envisions telling his kids one day. Watch the full segment below.

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What a great story to read about one of so many successful, inspiring, students. We're sending our hats off to you, upcoming grads. We can't wait to see what you do in your bright and brilliant futures.

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