"If we're all going to grow up together then we have to learn how to take care of each other — even from a small age," says Primrose educational coach Christa Clopton.


It's never too early to learn the importance of giving back.

This summer, Nashville preschool teachers at seven local Primrose schools around town took the time to teach the importance of community service to their youngsters — and were able to donate an impressive 6,000 notebooks to children in need.

The school supply donations were made via the United Way's Stuff the Bus campaign and the process helped instill a spirit of giving for all of those involved, young and older alike. "Yes, we teach ABCs and 123s," said Christa Clopton, who is an educational coach at Primrose and a mom of three, to The Tennessean. "But we also teach them how to be a nice person and a kind human. Giving back is built into the curriculum."

Of course, kiddos don't have the funds to purchase school supplies on their own but some opted to do chores at home in an effort to contribute to their parents' expenditures and most of the children went shopping for the notebooks alongside their families to enjoy a more hands-on experience. This week, volunteers will help fill backpacks with the school supplies to donate to 14 metro Nashville public schools.

What a charitable effort in Music City, y'all — kudos to these incredible kids.