Holiday joy all around.
Santa Claus putting on his white gloves, close-up
Credit: Westend61 / Getty Images

For many, Christmas is a magical time of year that we eagerly anticipate all year long. For some with sensory processing issues, however, the dazzling lights displays and loud music can be troublesome.

To make sure children with sensory processing issues still got to partake in winter festivities, the team at Ole Miss School of Applied Sciences' Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders banded together earlier this month for a special week of "Sensory Santa" fun. "Get ready for a cuteness overload as little Kendra enjoys meeting the jolly old elf himself (played by Applied Sciences Dean, Dr. Peter Grandjean), during Sensory Santa," reads a recent post on the Ole Miss School of Applied Sciences' Facebook page. "This is a chance for children with sensory processing issues to enjoy the traditions of the holiday season in an environment created just for them, brought to the community by the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders."

When little ones met with Santa, dim lights and soft music set the backdrop to help ensure each child had a great time. Watch the adorable video of one youngster getting the chance to meet Santa below.

The video has since received 16,376 views and counting with followers chiming in with encouraging words like, "Awesome! So proud of my ole department Communications Disorders!" and "Wonderful gift to the community!!! Thank you for your good work all year, but especially at Christmas!"

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This sweet gesture certainly gives us all some food for thought on how we can work together to be more inclusive during the holiday season for people with a variety of medical conditions. Kudos to Ole Miss for reminding us that you don't always have to shine brightly to shine in a big way.