The call to serve runs in this North Carolina family.


This year, nearly eight decades after Margie Durham graduated from nursing school, her great-granddaughter, Taylor Bowles, got her nursing degree too. Bowles, who graduated from Forsyth Tech in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, credits her great-grandmother as her inspiration.

To celebrate their connection, the two nurses recently posed for a sweet photo shoot with Deneen Bryan of Hazel Grace Photography in Clemmons.

“When Taylor asked me if I would be willing to come over and get a few photos of her with her great-grandmother, I had no idea that I would be stepping back in time to celebrate such an amazing and inspiring lady, wow!” Bryan wrote alongside the now-viral photos on Facebook (below). “Margie graduated from nursing school in 1942 and gave her life in the field of nursing for 61 years.”

The photographs were captured at the home where Durham was born in 1922. Two of her other siblings became nurses, as well.

It’s clear that a passion for healthcare runs in the family.

"From her childhood, I could tell she had qualities of a nurse, and I thought she would make a good nurse, but I didn't push her," Durham told WAPT. "I said, 'If you really want to be a nurse, I'd really like for you to be a nurse, but you really have to want to be a nurse.' And she really wanted to be a nurse. And she stuck with it, and she passed this year. I thank God for her."

Congratulations, Taylor, and thank you both for your service.