This video is a winner.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
December 18, 2019
Amazon Prime Day Van

Above all, it's the season of giving. And whether you're giving to family members and close friends or people you may not know that well, it's always heartwarming to brighten someone's day.

To do just that, and to show her gratitude, Murfreesboro, Tennessee, resident Sarah Barnes decided to leave a basket of snacks and a thank-you note for delivery workers on her front porch this holiday season. Thanks to a home security camera, Barnes was able to see just how much the simple gesture meant to one Amazon delivery driver.

"All of my Christmas shopping was done online, and so I knew that the delivery workers were going to be working extra and coming to my house more than usual, so I just wanted to put out a little something to let them know that they’re appreciated," Barnes told WBIR.  Below, hear more from Barnes and watch the delivery driver break into a happy dance.

After seeing the video footage of the delivery worker's reaction, Barnes wanted others to see his joy and perhaps even motivate others to follow in her footsteps. "I just knew I had to share it and let people know this is what you can do for someone’s day with something so small. Be kind and spread joy this season," Barnes said.

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Indeed, Barnes definitely has us feeling inspired to make someone smile—or even show off some superb dance moves—with a little extra dose of holiday cheer. What are your favorite tiny ways to give back during the holiday season?