"We're Living!" Residents of Texas Senior Living Community Form Synchronized Swim Team

Sync R Swim had their debut performance on Monday.

Mirador Retirement Community
Photo: Mirador Retirement Community

A group of seniors at one Texas nursing home is redefining the sport of synchronized swimming one pool noodle at a time.

Residents at Mirador Retirement Community in Corpus Christi recently decided to take their water aerobics class one step further by forming a synchronized swim team.

It was former swim instructor and resident Trudy Kenyon who floated the idea by the community's fitness expert, Kaeli Hernandez.

​​"I was just like, 'You go with it, and we'll do it,'" she recalled to KRIS 6 News.

And with that, Sync R Swim was off.

Kenyon looks to both their water aerobics class and YouTube for choreography inspiration, incorporating pool noodles into their routines to accommodate members of all skill levels. It's a far cry from the competitive teams you'll see at the Olympics. There is no diving or underwater acrobatics involved, but they're having fun.

On Monday, the team had their debut performance, a Fourth of July-themed show for the rest of the residents.

Sync R Swim members range in age from 68 to 86.

"Water is the great equalizer," Kenyon said in a statement to Southern Living. "We are survivors. Cancer survivors, back fusion survivors, knee replacement survivors…you name it. But we're living! And we are having the time of our lives!"

Keep it up, y'all!

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