Man Raises $1,000 for Georgia Waffle House Server's Tip and Eats 18 Waffles After Losing Fantasy Football Bet

"It was priceless. One of the better feelings I've ever had," Georgia resident Michael Carsley says of surprising his server Mosammat Shumi with a big tip.

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Fantasy football leagues. It's the stuff dreams and heartbreaks alike are made of.

Well, even though a fantasy football victory was crushed for one Georgia man, Michael Carsley, he wound up making the day for Mosammat Shumi, a long-time Waffle House server in the Atlanta area.

As CNN originally reported, the tale began when Carsley came in last place in his fantasy football league which adheres to quite the bizarre rule: The last place contestant has to spend 24 hours at Waffle House. Of course, eating some hash browns and waffles doesn't exactly sound like a bad deal to us, but a day's straight of that may prove quite difficult. To give the loser an out, the league has created a rule that one hour from the 24-hour stint at Waffle House can be removed for every waffle consumed.

When Carsley set out to complete his Waffle House sentence, he unexpectedly was able to use it as an opportunity to raise money for his server. After posting about his eating challenge on Facebook, Carsley's friends expressed interest in doing something nice for his server given how the hospitality industry has been greatly impacted by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Carsley wound up livestreaming the event and shared his Venmo handle so people could donate, and raised $1,040 for Shumi for his version of Game Day on January 3 — which involved polishing off 18 waffles.

"I went into this thinking, we might be able to raise 100, 200 bucks," Carsley told CNN. "It was growing exponentially. First it was $60, then $150, then $200, close to $300."

It escalated from there, and Carsley was amazed by people's generosity, though admittedly pretty stuffed from the nearly 20 waffles he consumed in around six hours. "It was the single most miserable thing I've ever put my body through," he commented of the experience. Though it was all worth it when he got to surprise Shumi with tips from the 90 strangers who wanted to help her out from afar: "Oh my God! Really? Are you for real?" Shumi exclaimed after receiving the generous gratuity on Carsley's $49 bill.

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Carsley told CNN Shumi's reaction was "remarkably touching." Clearly, the smile on Shumi's face was well worth the loss: "It was priceless. One of the better feelings I've ever had."

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