Missouri Town Embroiled in Hilarious Sign War After McDonald's Provokes Nearby Dairy Queen

“We all found a way to laugh and have fun as a community.”

Marshfield MO Sign War
Photo: Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce

An epic war of words is playing out across marquee signs and poster boards in Marshfield, Missouri.

The town began making national headlines after a local McDonald's challenged a nearby Dairy Queen to a sign war. Dairy Queen took the bait, and before long, dozens of restaurants and businesses had joined in the fun.

"HEY DQ! WANNA HAVE A SIGN WAR," McDonald's asked.

"WE WLD BUT WERE 2 BUSY MAKIN ICECREAM," Dairy Queen quipped back with a dig at McDonald's famously out-of-service ice cream machines.

And they were off. Soon, big and small businesses got involved, joining the fray with their own witty barbs.

"Marshfield is such a close community, we're all like family here," Randy Bryant, Director of Operations at the McDonald's, told Ozarks First thatthe sign war was the idea of a staff member named Mario.

"He said 'It's hot, the world is throwing everyone challenges and negativity,' so we all found a way to laugh and have fun as a community," Bryant explained. "And what's better than an old-fashioned sign war?"

We couldn't agree more!

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