This Louisiana Grandma Shares Her Recipes on YouTube With the Motto: "Pray, Cook and Repeat"

This Bossier City grandma is ready to welcome us into her kitchen with open arms.

When it comes to Louisiana cooking, who do you trust? Bayou State grandmas, of course.

Unfortunately, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, venturing down to the kind kitchen of a Louisiana mamaw for a little cooking lesson is out of the question. Thankfully, Bossier City resident Lynette Hammond is ready to reach our bellies—and our hearts—through our screens with her new YouTube cooking channel, Lynn's Kitchen. With recipes like Southern fried corn and Louisiana red beans and rice, you can probably hear are stomachs growling as we browsed her fun and informative channel. We're guessing yours will do the same.

Lynette Hammond

Courtesy Lynette Hammond

We first got wind of the delightful cooking videos from, which recently published an article profiling Hammond's enterprise. It all started last month when the 62-year-old grandmother, based just outside of Shreveport, Louisiana, in Bossier City, In October, Hammond uploaded her very first cooking video to Lynn's Kitchen YouTube channel at the urging of her husband, children, and grandchildren. They were clearly onto something: So far, she's gained some 3,2000 subscribers to her new channel with her video on how to cook Salisbury steak racking up 6,900 views and counting.

Alongside each video, viewers will notice Hammond's "#PrayCookRepeat" insignia, a motto she's held close her entire life. "Pray, cook and repeat. That's what I do in my life," Hammond told TODAY Food. "Prayer is very important to me...It's my daily duty and it keeps me going. I hope it's an encouragement for everyone out there."

While you'd never guess from watching her videos, in 1999 Hammond suffered a horrible stroke. "She had to re-learn how to walk and talk and she was in a wheelchair for almost a year," her husband, Dwayne, who does the filming for the channel, told TODAY. "To see her going from there to where she is now — she had to learn to drive, cook, all these things all over again. But from the time she had the stroke, if you look at her now in her videos, you'd never know where she's come from."

It's safe to say that just watching Lynn in the kitchen, her warmth of spirit is clearly contagious, and we can't wait to cook alongside her. We can't wait to get cooking.

Hey, Lynn, we'd love to know, are you taking special requests yet? We've got more than a few Louisiana dishes we'd like to learn under your sage tutorial.

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