Florida Woman Laurie Rabyor Met Good Samaritans Who Saved Her Life

“They all just came together to help little old lady — me.”

Boynton Beach rescuers
Photo: Boynton Beach Police Department

On May 5 Laurie Rabyor suffered a medical emergency while driving home from work in Boynton Beach, Florida, and fell unconscious behind the steering wheel of her car. Luckily, her co-worker was driving nearby and spotted Rabyor slumped behind the wheel. She jumped into action flagging down nearby drivers to help.

Five other motorists saw the commotion and came to Rabyor's aid. Together they were able to stop the car before anyone was hurt. The helpful strangers smashed the window with a dumbbell one of them had in their own car and called an ambulance to help Rabyor.

"They all just came together to help little old lady — me," Rabyor said during the ceremony, according to local NBC News outlet, WYFF4. "I appreciate it so, so much, you don't even know, and my children love you, they just love you because you helped their mom."

Last week, the Boynton Beach Police Department reunited Rabyor with the kind strangers. They presented the group of good Samaritans with "lifesaving awards" for their heroic deeds. It was a moving occasion for Rabyor who believes they saved her life after she fell unconscious due to a combination of high blood pressure pills and fasting ahead of a medical procedure. "I just want to thank every single one of you," Rabyor said, according to WYFF4. "You were amazing."

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