Knoxville 4-Year-Old Girl Cries Over Getting Too Old for Free Books from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

We have all been this youngster.

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It's always a good day when you have a new book you just got to look forward to curling up on the couch with, discussing with friends at book club, or missing your stop on the bus because you were absorbed in it.

And instilling a lifelong love of reading is exactly what Dolly Parton's nonprofit initiative, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, seeks to do by distributing books to youngsters from birth until they begin school. With the key phrase being "until they begin school," one young Knoxville girl was not too pleased that her admission to this special club is coming to a close. In a video initially shared on Knoxville's WVLT 8, a four-year-old youngster, on the brink of an upcoming birthday that would phase her out of the Imagination Library's mailing list, was not having it.

"I want my Dolly books," she laments, visibly shaken. "No more books! No more books!" she replies to her mom, distraught at the prospect of turning five and no longer being able to receive books through Dolly's program. Oh darling, we've all been there, but what we would give to turn back the clock and be a four-year-old again.

Watch the Facebook video below and be sure to share it with every bookworm you know.

Now, we're not sure where you stand on this matter and we know rules are rules, but we think Parton and her Imagination Library should consider giving this sweet girl a few months' extension to the program. If not, we're hoping some local friends in the Knoxville area band together to make sure this gal gets a nice collection of reads after the big birthday number five.

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Meanwhile, this one Tennessee girl's tale is a great reminder to grab a picture book and read to a kid you love this weekend.

It may just be one book, but it could make all the difference.

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