Kentucky Humane Society’s “Most Overlooked Dog” Would Love a Home

Meet Cole!

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) has been getting a lot of attention lately thanks to the rescue and subsequent recovery of Ethan the miracle dog. But while Ethan is busy healing, the Louisville shelter is hoping to bring some attention to their "most overlooked" resident, a "total love bug" who is more than ready for his forever home.

Cole Kentucky Humane Society

Kentucky Humane Society

Cole, a two-year-old Labrador retriever mix, has received zero interest since June 2020. As of March 1st, he's been with KHS longer than any other pup in the rescue's history.

"All he wants is a great family who will love him," the shelter wrote in a now viral Facebook post. "While many people have wanted to adopt Ethan, who is not ready for a home, Cole IS ready for a home and would love even a second of your attention."

The post goes on to describe the handsome dog's best attributes.

Hard worker? Check.

Lots of energy? Check.

Fun loving? You bet!

"Perhaps a farm with animals that need herding?" the shelter suggests. "He likes to pick things up, can he bring you something?"

Cole is athletic, and perfect for people with children who are 10 and older. He's not a fan of cats and can be selective when it comes to other dogs, so he would need to meet any potential doggy siblings before going home. He was also put in KHS's Behavior Modification program, which means he is "trained and ready to go."

If you are interested in adding Cole to your family, you can submit an online adoption application

We're rooting for you, Cole!

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