"Unbelievable": Man Watches as Unbothered Black Bear Luxuriates in Gatlinburg Jacuzzi

Even bears need some “me time” once in a while!

The black bears of the Great Smoky Mountains have emerged from their winter slumber hungry and, apparently, in need of a hot tub.

Last week, Todd Trebony was sipping his morning coffee on the porch of his rental cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, when a young black bear climbed up to join him.

Black Bear Rolling
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Trebony, of Camilla, Georgia, ran inside and began recording the bear through a glass door. A video, which he shared to Facebook, shows the bear walking along the perimeter of the porch before slipping into the cabin's steaming jacuzzi.

"I was out on the porch drinking my coffee, and this happened!" he wrote alongside the now-viral clip (below).

"It's getting warm. It's just having a blast," an incredulous Trebony can be heard telling his wife. "There's a black bear—a wild black bear—in the jacuzzi getting warm. Unbelievable."

After a few seconds Trebony carefully opens the door to the porch. Unfazed, the bear simply looks at him while he continues to enjoy his soak.

"Just having a blast," he says again while the animal makes himself comfortable in the jacuzzi.

This isn't the first time a bear has been spotted reveling in a Gatlinburg hot tub. In October 2019, another vacationing family witnessed a bear pull the lid off their cabin's jacuzzi and enjoy a relaxing soak.

It's called self-care, okay? And it's beary, beary important.

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