Donation from "Ms. Claus" Pays off Past-Due Electricity Accounts in Tennessee Town

This isn’t the first time “Ms. Claus” has helped the people of Gallatin.

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An anonymous do-gooder known only as "Ms. Claus" has blessed the residents of Gallatin, Tennessee, for the second time this holiday season.

Gallatin City Government revealed on Facebook that "Ms. Claus" paid off her neighbors' past-due electricity accounts on New Year's Eve.

"The Gallatin business owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said her children had weighed in and wanted to do more during this challenging year," explained the post. "Together, the family donated more than $10,000 to pay off past due [Gallatin Department of Electricity] accounts."

The generous gesture comes on the heels of another from "Ms. Claus," who made a Christmas Eve donation of more than $7,500 to customers of Gallatin Public Utilities, paying off the accounts of 60 residents and restoring disconnected services.

"Ms. Claus" was reportedly inspired by a news story from another part of country and wanted to do the same for the residents of Gallatin.

She said she hopes this will give some people a chance to move forward a little bit and focus their efforts on other needs, and that her family's contribution will inspire others to find a way to help someone.

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Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown said that this donation "made her Christmas" because someone cared so much and was willing to help complete strangers.

"Gallatin has a strong history of caring for neighbors and this year has really shown how supportive our residents are of each other," Brown said in a statement "However, a donation this large that impacts so many unsuspecting folks ... is quite extraordinary and definitely touches your heart."

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