Fredericksburg High School Seniors Donate Nearly $11,000 to Town's Food Pantry

The money was initially intended for a class trip to Six Flags.

With in-person school being cancelled and graduation ceremonies and celebrations being swapped for virtual Zoom meetings and yard displays celebrating this year's graduating class, it's been a tough few months for high school seniors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But from this dark time, we've been grateful to see so many light spots. From countless instances of neighbors toasting neighbors with thoughtful offerings (and plenty of cake!) to companies celebrating this year's graduating class such as iHeartRadio launching a podcast series of commencement speeches, moments like this continue to move and inspire us. Now, we're wowed by the generosity of a group of seniors at Fredericksburg High School who donated $10,850 to the Fredericksburg Food Pantry.

As we heard from Austin's KXAN-TV, the senior class officers decided to donate the four years of savings they had built up for their class trip to Six Flags to the Fredericksburg Food Pantry in this particularly urgent time of need.

“Whenever we showed [food bank secretary Merrilyn Hartmann] the dollar amount, she just started going on and on about how amazing it was for us. I actually started tearing up,” class president Caitie Huff told KXAN. “It just felt so good to be able to give that much money and know that it’s going to make an impact on so many people’s lives. It’s one of the best feelings I’ve felt, you know. I knew, just deep in my heart, we were doing the right thing.” Watch the full news segment below.

We're definitely on the brink of tearing up too, Miss Huff. Thank you for your kindness and example you've set for students around the country to share the joy of giving back to those who do so much for our communities.

We'd love to hear more examples of students around the South stepping up and banding together to do incredible things during the coronavirus crisis. Share your stories with us, and stay safe and well, everyone.

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