They plan to continue ensuring the headstones' upkeep year-round.
Cemetery with Flowers
Credit: Jonathan Rehg/Getty Images

Even more so than a day of remembrance for those who served in our nation's military, Veterans Day is a day of action. Around the country, men and women are getting to work to help veterans, whether it's mowing their lawns or treating them to a meal.

In Fort Myers, Florida, one veteran wanted to make sure our deceased servicemen and women get the same respect by organizing a volunteer effort to clean headstones at Fort Myers Cemeteries. On Saturday, November 9th, more than 20 volunteers spent the day cleaning veterans' headstones that were covered in grime, black algae, and that were all-around not in good shape. Fort Myers Navy Veteran Trae Zipperer spearheaded the meaningful project, as Fort Myers' NBC2 News shared.

"I came here [to the cemetery] and noticed that all the headstones are covered in black algae," Zipperer said. "It's just their policy has been that only family members can touch a stone, but nobody has come along that is as persistent as I am." Thanks to some networking with Kevin Hyde of veterans' organization American Legion Post 38, Zipperer got approval to put together a team of volunteers to clean the headstones.

"This is not just today. Every quarter we are going to squirt these headstones down and make it look like we have a national cemetery here," Hyde told the news outlet. Watch the video here.

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What a thoughtful and important gesture Zipperer and his team carried out in Fort Myers for the deceased and their family members. We're thinking of all the people who served our country today—and every day.