Fitzgerald, Georgia Will Soon Be Home to the Largest Topiary Sculpture in the World—in the Shape of a Chicken!

The structure will also have a hotel room for rent.

Low Angle View Of Chicken Sculpture Against Clear Sky
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The South is filled with many quirky tourist attractions—from a "Will-Hay" Nelson hay sculpture in Huddelston, Virginia, to a goose-shaped house in Hazard, Virginia. But we think there's a new contender for what could very well become the oddest tourism draw in the South: The largest topiary sculpture in the world, in the shape of a chicken, is being built in Fitzgerald, Georgia.

The small Georgia town is a hotbed for wild Burmese chickens—which roam free all around the area—so Fitzgerald mayor Jim Puckett thought a massive chicken sculpture, fashioned from shrubs, would be a fitting homage to the birds. "Well my first order of business, we wanted to build a chicken bigger than the one in Marietta. The big chicken in Marietta is 56-feet tall, we were going to go 58-feet," Puckett told Knoxville's WBIR 10 News.

The sculpture will be created by topiary artist Joe Kyte and include a vacation rental inside the structure for travelers and the chicken enthusiasts to experience. Kyte is hoping to complete the giant sculpture in time for the Fitzgerald Wild Chicken Festival on March 20 and 21.

Giving some more background on the creation of this sculpture, Kyte tells Southern Living, "The Fitzgerald big chicken project was created to bring people all the way to Fitzgerald located in the middle of eastern Georgia next to a railroad track. The town is populated with Burmese chickens brought by the state for an alternative to other game birds. They decided to settle in town." He continues, adding, "So they saw the big chicken KFC restaurant in Marietta and decided they had to have a bigger chicken. The biggest chicken in Georgia. The biggest chicken in the world actually, topiary-wise, it will be the largest topiary by two-feet [compared to] a Mickey Mouse topiary in Dubai that just claimed the record."

Watch the video clip below to learn more about this fascinating development. And starting next week, check out this YouTube page for a live stream of the sculpture being built.

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We don't know about you, but we'd love to spend the night at this topiary "hotel" in Fitzgerald. Though, admittedly, we still think we'll stick to getting our backyard landscaping inspiration elsewhere.

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