All's well that ends well.
Emu looking at camera
Credit: SherryVSmith_Images/ Getty Images

It's been a strange and surreal year, to say the least, and things just got stranger. In some lighthearted news, we've learned that an emu on the loose caused quite the frenzy in Jacksonville's Westside neighborhood before being safely captured by authorities.

As News4Jax WJXT originally reported, the emu escaped from its home while its owners were away (though it was under the care of an "emu sitter") and scooted over to the grounds of local truck repair shop, Nichols Truck Bodies. Emus, which are native to Australia and can be up to six-feet tall, can run at fast speeds and become aggressive, though thankfully nobody was hurt in the incident.

"He was just minding his own business, frolicking around back here, just doing his thing," employee Michelle Adam told the news station, though there were reports of the emu chasing an individual nearby. "I was actually wondering if something happened maybe at the zoo where some things had gotten loose, but even though that's a little far away. Just glad that it was the only one that was out."

We're sure this was certainly a strange sight for locals to behold and a story they'll be recalling for years to come.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, with assistance from The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Animal Control, were called in to corral the animal. After the emu was successfully loaded onto the trailer, he was checked out before being returned home.

Watch the full video segment on YouTube below.

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