Five women and a seven-year-old girl joined together to give Dana McSwain this heartfelt gift.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
July 30, 2020
Dana McSwain and Carol Daley Cook
Credit: Courtesy Dana McSwain

During one of the darkest chapters in Dana McSwain's life, the Charlotte, North Carolina, resident has been given the gift of some real joy: A wig. (McSwain, left, and her friend Carol Daley Cook are pictured above.)

The 36-year-old busy working mom was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, along with finding out that she has the BRCA2 gene mutation, which puts you at risk for other types of cancer.

"It was a complete shock," McSwain, who has no known family history of breast cancer, told Good Morning America in a recent interview. McSwain started chemotherapy less than two weeks after her diagnosis, an especially scary prospect in the midst of a global health crisis.

"You kind of accept the cancer diagnosis and move on to the next step. So now I’ve accepted cancer and prepared myself to go through chemo, which means losing my hair," McSwain told the news outlet. "As a woman, your hair may not define you but it sets you apart. I’ve always had long hair and I started to mourn that even before it was gone."

McSwain struggled to find a wig and became increasingly frustrated with the process as none of them made her feel like herself. That's when she turned to a Facebook group for local moms and vented about the experience of wig hunting, along with coping with cancer during the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the women in McSwain's group, Carol Daley Cook, a registered nurse, read McSwain's post and knew she wanted to do something about getting her friend a wig. "I got to thinking, 'I have this really long hair, like down to my waist, and my poor friend is losing her hair to cancer,'" Daley Cook relayed to GMA.

From there, she coordinated a "hair drive" of sorts, where she found four more women and a seven-year-old girl to join her efforts. The members of the group cut their hair and Daley Cook commissioned a wig by Chemo Diva, based in Tampa, Florida.

Note from 7-year-old wig story
Credit: Dana McSwain

A week later, Daley Cook drove over to McSwain's house, bringing along the new wig. "Looking at that wig and seeing the different colors and how it came together and knowing that every strand is something special and from someone special in my life, it was truly amazing," McSwain said in the GMA interview. "It was such an indescribable feeling." Watch the video story below.

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What a creative and thoughtful idea, right? We're amazed by this sweet group and wishing McSwain a speedy recovery.