Watch Ellie the Dog Pick Up Her Owner's Curbside Delivery at a Chick-fil-A in Chapel Hill

We're not surprised this adorable video has garnered 2.5 million views and counting.

Dogs, they do the darndest things.

The Chick-fil-A store at Carraway Village in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, is ready to show the world just that. Warming our hearts so, Ellie, who appears to be a Golden Retriever, recently helped her owner out by picking up his Chick-fil-A curbside delivery order.

"Using our mobile app for curbside delivery has never been more fun or easy. Just ask Ellie. She loves running to meet the Team Member delivering her food and carrying it back to her owner, Nick, who waits in their curbside space," a video caption from the Chick-fil-A at Carraway Village outpost reads. "'It's Ellie's favorite thing to do,' said Nick. It's our favorite thing to do to serve yummy food to happy Guests—four-legged Guests included! Place your mobile curbside order today and make your favorite part of the day getting your Chick-fil-A just like Ellie!"

Posted on August 20, the video has already racked up 2.5 million views and counting with more than 10,000 comments. And we sure see why. In the clip, the beautiful dog happily gallops to the Chick-fil-A employee—who sports a mask and gloves for safety—to pick up his owner's order and then races back to his dog dad to deliver the goods. Donning an American flag bandanna, Ellie's tail wags happily during her whole food retrieval assignment at The Chick.

Watch the full video below. Could that dog be any cuter? We think not.

Fans clearly adored the sweet video, with comments like, "This is my Chapel Hill Chick-fil-A! Love you guys! Always the best service" and "I would need to take the dog home too!"

We hope Ellie and Nick enjoyed their Chick-fil-A meal. Dog owners: Has your four-legged friend every pitched in on the CFA curbside delivery front?

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