Generous Duo Hiding $100 Bills Around Charlotte, Inviting Strangers to Find Them

“Our goal is to spread awareness and give strangers free money who need it more than we do.”

100 Dollar Bills
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Who says giving back can't be fun?

Charlotte resident Garrett James and his friend Charlie Wilson are all about finding creative ways to spread kindness. They've paid bar tabs, Venmo-ed strangers, and even sent 72 rolls of toilet paper to a random address in South Dakota.

Their passion for paying it forward eventually evolved into an initiative called Drop Parties. Through it, they've spent the past couple years hiding more $4,000 while on vacations across the country, inviting strangers to the hunt for cash.

Now, with Wilson moving from Virginia to Charlotte, The Charlotte Observer reports that do-gooding duo has decided to focus their efforts exclusively on the North Carolina city.

"It's kind of hard to get traction nationwide, so we are just going to bring it local. We want to help out people in our city," James told the paper. "Our goal is to spread awareness and give strangers free money who need it more than we do."

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Here's how it works. James and Wilson put a single $100 bill and an encouraging note in a small, plastic box emblazoned with the Drop Parties logo. They then hide it, either by burying it or placing it in a bush. Next, they share the treasure's exact coordinates on Instagram along with a quick video of the area. The hunt begins the moment the photo is shared on Instagram.

James and Wilson told The Charlotte Observer that they simply enjoy helping others. They have both been fortunate in their careers and are able to fund their endeavor with their own money. Their goal is to grow awareness and followers in Charlotte, so they can start burying $200 every other Friday.

"We want random people to go find it," he said. "We're hoping it blows up in Charlotte so more people know about it. It'll be a fun city-wide scavenger hunt."

To get in on the action, start by following @dropparties on Instagram. The account is private, so you'll have to wait for your request to be approved. Then... get ready to dig!

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