Watch a Music-Loving Black Bear Interrupt an Asheville DJ's Livestream Dance Party

“I thought it was maybe my neighbor coming to tell me my music was too loud.”

Black Bear
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A DJ in Asheville, North Carolina, spins beats so good even wild black bears come running.

The Citizen Times reports that back in October, part-time DJ Jody Flemming was spinning for a livestream dance party when a black bear showed up at his front door. We can only assume he was hoping to shake what his mama gave him one last time before hibernation.

In a viral video (below), the large bear can be seen appearing at Flemming's storm door. Looking for a way to get inside, the bear then stands up its hind legs and leans on the glass while Flemming continues to spin, oblivious to his visitor.

"I just started playing and kind of got into the first track and I kept hearing this sound. I didn't really know what it was," he told the Citizen Times. "It was my neighbor in the street blowing their horn. That kind of alerted me that something was going on. And so, I turned around—in the video it was really more backlit than it looks—and I just saw this figure. I thought it was maybe my neighbor coming to tell me my music was too loud. I got kind of halfway over and said, 'Oh, there's a bear there.'"

The bear, it turns out, was more frightened than Flemming. The animal, startled by his approach, quickly scampered off while Flemming went to grab his phone to snap a photo.

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A number of people have commented on his calm reaction to the visit. But Flemming, a former ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is no stranger to bears. In fact, he told the Citizen Times that the bears in his neighborhood are actually quite friendly.

"We get a bunch of bears over here. This particular one has been coming around lately, and we kind of just keep our distance and say 'Hi.' Whenever I saw him, I'd go out on the porch and watch him do his thing," Flemming said. "I wish my neighbors hadn't blown the horn and it could have played out a little more."

Only in Asheville, y'all!

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