We're glad we weren't in that sled.
mother bear with her cub.
Credit: VisualCommunications / Getty Images

Imagine traveling along on an alpine coaster only to be greeted by a bear and her cubs trying to make their way across the track. That's exactly what happened to one guest of Anakeesta, a popular outdoor adventure hub and theme park in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The video footage of such an event was originally captured by TikTok user ricktock69—with the unedited video racking up 9.7 million views—and later shared by Knoxville news station WBIR-TV. With plenty of shouts and gasps from onlookers ("I would be freaking out!" exclaimed one such viewer as he watched the event unfolding), the man in the caboose amazingly maintained his calm as he journeyed down the hill towards the mama bear and her two cubs. After the bear and the cubs passed the tracks, it looks like he even took out his cell phone to snap a few photos.

"She is one of our favorite bears here on the property. Anna has been with us probably since we opened in 2017 and she has received her name because of Anakeesta, so 'Anna' is from the name Anakeesta," Michele Canney, Anakeesta's VP of marketing and sales, told WBIR-TV. Thankfully, and much to guests' relief, Anakeesta has managers on-duty who know bear protocol standards and the theme park coordinates closely with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

"Anna is not the only bear here on the property. We do see several families—one is a bear with three cubs, and our staff lovingly calls her Goldilocks because of the three bears. I guess our bears just enjoy our wide-open spaces in our fresh mountain air just like our guests here at Anakeesta do," she continued. You can watch the encounter and the full news segment below.

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Does the video make you giddy with an adrenaline rush or ready to hide in the woods (with a very safely secured cabin)? We think we're in the latter camp.