6-Year-Old Alabama Boy Jumps in Front of Car to Save Younger Sister

We're absolutely in awe of his bravery!

Kayden Reid
Photo: Courtesy of Kendra Giles Nettles and Kayla Giles

Six-year-old Kayden Reid of Mobile, Alabama is being hailed as a hero after his brave actions saved the life of his younger sister. On Jan. 18, Kayden and his sister Kaycee were at a family function when two-year-old Kaycee slipped out of the house and darted into the street.

Kayden was playing on the sidewalk when he realized that a car was oncoming and Kaycee was in harm's way. He immediately stopped what he was doing and jumped in front of Kaycee to save her from being hit.

"I had to go get her before she got ran over by a car, but that's when the car hit me," Reid told WALA Fox10 News.

Fortunately, Kayden survived the collision, suffering only scrapes and minor injuries that were treated at a local hospital. Kayden returned home from the hospital to a hero's welcome. The Mobile Fire/Rescue came by to congratulate the elementary schooler on his good deed and give him some insight into the work that career heroes like firefighters do. Fittingly, Kayden wore his Superman suit and toured the firetruck, even getting to sit up front in the driver's seat.

In a Facebook post detailing the event, Kayden's mom Kayla Giles reflected on the scary situation, giving thanks to God for keeping her children safe.

"I tell my children all the time your siblings are forever," she wrote. "I tell them to watch out for each other because whether I leave here today or tomorrow, they will always have each other. The bravery that overcame my son yesterday when he jumped in to save his baby sister was everything to me. I can't stop telling him how proud I am of him and what a good job he has done. I'm just glad my babies are OK!"

Kayden's aunt Kendra Giles Nettles told Southern Living that the family feels extremely blessed and proud to have Kayden in their lives.

"We are so proud of Kayden's heroic actions that he did for his baby sister," she said. "You know, these days it's really hard for a six-year-old to stop what they're doing and save their sibling. That lets us know that we are doing right by our kids. We are so thankful to have both of them here. It brought our family a lot closer ... so we're just thankful both kids are still here safe and sound. God is good."

Over the weekend, little Kaycee celebrated her second birthday. Kayla said the event was extra special given how differently things could have turned out if it weren't for Kayden.

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