Reba McEntire's Latest Podcast Episode with Jay and Allison DeMarcus Is All About Modern-Day Manners

Head on over to Spotify for the much-needed etiquette refresher.

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Reba Spotify Podcast
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In September, country star Reba McEntire launched her Spotify Original podcast, Living & Learning with Reba McEntire making our audio-entertainment dreams come true. Needless to say, we've pretty much been glued to our Spotify accounts every time a new episode of the series—which is co-hosted by fellow Reba show co-star Melissa Peterman—lands on the popular streaming platform.

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Now, our Southern souls have been particularly delighted by the latest episode of the podcast, in which Peterman and McEntire catch up with Jay and Allison DeMarcus of Netflix's DeMarcus Family Rules. (Jay is also the bassist for the Rascal Flatts.)

When Peterman kicks things off by asking McEntire what modern-day manners means to her, the country great explains, "I think it's a little more loose. I don't think it's as rigid. I don't think it's as, practiced as heavily as it was when we were kids. But I wanna know what are the new manners nowadays? I do think that kids want to be treated more equal, and that just seems really strange to me, but that's what I wanna learn. What are the new ways of doing manners today, or what are we learning? What are our kids learning?" In their introductory discussion, McEntire also touches on the etiquette values she instilled in her son, race car driver Shelby McEntire Blackstock. Some of the big ones: Be punctual, don't dominate a conversation and be a good listener, and respect other people.

To help listeners and hosts alike wrap their head around current-day manners, McEntire and Peterman welcome etiquette expert Myka Meier, author of Modern Etiquette Made Easy: A Five-Step Method to Mastering Etiquette, to the show. After an enlightening chat, McEntire comes away from Meier's teachings with three main nuggets of wisdom: "Treat people like you want to be treated," "read the room," and always, always practice kindness.

Later in the conversation, things turn to etiquette pet peeves and the co-hosts and DeMarcuses have some doozies to share. "One of my top pet peeves is... Not introducing people. And not saying their name, like, 'Oh, y'all've met before?' Instead you go 'Gee, you've met Reba before?'" Peterman offers.

For Allison DeMarcus, she's not a fan of people saying "yeah." Instead, she encourages listeners to say "yes," which is music to our inner-grammarian's ears. Meanwhile, hubby Jay DeMarcus wants things to improve at mealtime, "mine would be don't text and communicate on your phone when we're at the dinner table together," he says.

As for Madame McEntire? She had some heated thoughts: "This is the worst. In an elevator, men get out before the women do. My grandson Mason, we used to play this game, uh, he would always wanna get out of the elevator first," shares McEntire. "He was like six, seven years old, and I'd hold him against the wall until all the women in the elevator got out first, and then he and I would wrestle to get out, so I could get out before he did...Women [are] supposed to go in the elevator first, and go out of the elevator first."

Listen to the informative and hilarious conversation on the full episode on Spotify below.

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Actually, what's the etiquette on ducking out of our next meeting to binge on podcasts? We hope McEntire would give us the green light.

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