Actress Charlotte Stewart shares the routine that keeps her occupied during the COVID-19 crisis.

By Meghan Overdeep
April 29, 2020
Little House on the Prairie Charlotte Stewart
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

Charlotte Stewart has come up with a routine that keeps her happy, healthy, and occupied while quarantined amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I stay in bed until my husband and I finish the San Francisco Chronicle crossword puzzle,” the actress, who played schoolteacher Miss Beadle on Little House on the Prairie, revealed in an interview with Fox News.

The 79-year-old added that once that’s complete, she heads to her home studio where she designs colorful “Beadle Bags” for fans. (You can purchase your own by emailing her at

But the bag-making and crossword puzzles aren't the only part of her quarantine routine that she looks forward to. Stewart credited another scheduled activity that keeps her sprits lifted.

“[My loved ones and I] meet every Sunday on Facebook Live,” she said.

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The actress, who starred in four seasons of the hit series (available now on Amazon Prime!), also offered a message for fans in need of comforting words.

“Be kind, be safe and say thank you to all the workers whose paths [you cross],” Stewart said.