Little Vivian Lord isn't fooled by pink toy soldiers, and she wants change.

Vivian Lord Toy Soldiers
Credit: Marlisa Goldsmith

Sometimes all it takes to make a change in this world is a fresh perspective, and that's exactly what this inspiring little girl from Arkansas has.

"I've been wanting to have girl army men… but there's no girl army men… so it's kinda weird," six-year-old Vivian Lord explained to THV11's Marlisa Goldsmith.

Mom Brittany Lord admitted to being embarrassed the first time her daughter brought it up. "Honestly, I had never thought of it," she said.

But the conversation that followed between the Little Rock youngster and her mom inspired them to make a change. So, Vivian wrote a letter, and with help from her family, she mailed it to two toy companies that make toy soldiers.

Vivian Lord Girl Soldiers Letter
Credit: THV11

"Why do you not make girl army men?" the handwritten letter asks. "My friend's mom is in the army too."

"I saw the pink ones but those aren't girls and people in the army don't wear pink," Vivian's letter continues, confidently.

Goldsmith reached out to both manufactures by phone. Though her calls to the one in Jacksonville, Florida, haven't been returned, she did manage to speak with the president of J Lloyd International in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"He told me plans of female army figures in the future have actually been discussed, they just have to figure out a way to get retailers to support," she said.

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"So often our kids are the ones that teach us," Brittany added, "and this was one of those moments."