"Karma's a funny thing."

Country music super group Little Big Town revealed they were the victims of a crime earlier this week when one of their trailers disappeared from under their noses. But by a bizarre twist of luck, it was the thieves who ended up with short end of the stick— instead of expensive music equipment, the stolen trailer was full of children's toys.

According to TMZ, the robbery happened on Tuesday night during a Nashville stop of their Bandwagon Tour with Miranda Lambert.

The contents of the trailer reportedly included three kids' razor scooters, three bikes, a homemade lemonade stand, a unicorn kiddie pool with a unicorn sprinkler, pool toys, bubbles, chalk, kickballs, basketballs, baseball gloves and bats ... and some workout gear.

We can only imagine the thieves' shock (and disappointment) when they pried open that door!

For their part, the band members have been handling the incident in stride, even taking to social media to joke about the unexpected turn of events.

"To the guys that stole our trailer—guess you thought you were getting vintage guitars and amps," the Grammy-winning music group tweeted. "Instead you got two old kid bikes, 1 scooter, a baby pool and a unicorn float. Karma's a funny thing."

A funny thing, indeed!